**IMPORTANT** USA Shipping- packages under 12 plants

Dear All my plants friends in the US!

So no solid answer for now regarding packages with 12 or under plants yet.

Our Department of Agriculture has confirmed with the USDA that packages with 12 or under do not require a permit and that it can be delivered to the buyer directly, not having to go the Plant Inspection office. It does also mention the same on the website of the US Customs and Border Control.

While this situation was seen happening in CA and WA, it seems like it may be affecting other states too. 

From today onward If you wish to order plants under 12 items and have it sent the previous way, we can try to send it, but will NOT be responsible for any return due to custom issues.

For now, the safest way for you to be able to get your plants is to apply for an USDA permit as we are uncertain when this will end.

It has been a very difficult month for me emotionally having to deal with all the returns, phone calls with our Department of Agriculture, and PAYPAL, but it can only get better from now, right? (fingers crossed!)

If I have not contacted you personally regarding your current order, please write me an e-mail, and we will work this out!